Linden & Swift organizes training courses and workshops on the main themes of the internationalization of higher education, research and innovation.

In particular, we offer a seminar entitled:

Internationalize higher education: analyze, act, transform


In recent years, higher education institutions have expanded, structured and professionalized their teams in charge of international relations. Their scope has often widened: they manage partnerships, oversee networks and alliances, recruit students, improve their welcome, strengthen outreach and attractiveness, monitor rankings…

However, higher education reforms and reorganisation of the university landscape, increased global competition between higher education institutions and systems, the growing weight of societal issues and, more recently, the COVID-19 crisis call into question the place of the international and invite to rethink its role.


– Understand the internationalization of higher education

– Carry out effective international action

– Be an agent of change through internationalization


Training is intended for teams in charge of international relations and all those who contribute to it within the institution.


1. Analyze the international environment: issues, actors, indicators, strategies, trends

2. Design international action: shine, attract, recruit, welcome, send, exchange

Focus: Anticipating crises in order to better manage them

3. Contribute to transformation through internationalization: support, drive, steer, share, mobilize


The training alternates theory and practice, based on discussions with participants, practical cases and group work


The training is designed over one day. Depending on the wishes and priorities of the institution, the duration can be adjusted.

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