As a consultant, expert, speaker, lecturer, Sébastien Linden worked in 2020 and 2021 with various French and foreign actors of higher education, research and innovation (universities, schools, research centers, networks, embassies, companies), focusing on 3 thematics : 1. the internationalization of higher education, 2. the innovation ecosystems, 3. the Israeli model of “start-up nation

  1. The internationalization of higher education

Sébastien Linden works with French schools and universities on their international developement and with foreign institutions (universities, embassies, companies) on their projects in France and Europe.

  • Consulting mission for a French Grande Ecole on its international recruitment strategy
  • Expertise mission on cooperation opportunities with French institutions of higher education for a foreign embassy in Paris.
  • Representation of Begin Group and Unibuddy in France
  • Support of a private university in Central Asia in the search for worldwide strategic partners
  • Consulting mission for a French University for a response to a call for tenders
  • Several conferences for French and Canadian institutions (cf. for example talk for IMT Mines Albi on the impact of the covid-19 crisis on the internationalization of higher education, research and innovation, video, in French)
  • Trainings and workshops for French higher education institutions
  • Consulting mission for the organisation of an international career forum for a French Engineering school
  • Organisation of learning expeditions in France for a Belgian business school (on Paris 2024 Olympic games and in Marseille on the euro-mediterranean area)
  • Co-supervision of students projects on the organisation of an international job fair and the development of the international alumni network (cf. the paper, in French, published by the Conférence des grandes écoles)
  • Organization of a workshop on internationalization at home for the International relations Committee of the Conférence des grandes écoles

2. The innovation ecosystems

3. The Israeli model of “start-up nation”

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