Linden & Swift provides its:

  • expertise and experience in internationalization of higher education, research and innovation
  • knowledge of the French higher education and research system, the European higher education and research area, and the Middle East and North Africa region
  • professional network in the sector
  • operational capacity on the ground
  • external perspective.

Linden & Swift offers:

  • assessment
  • strategic advice
  • training
  • project management assistance
  • implementation of actions
  • representation with partners and clients

Linden & Swift responds to your needs : education, student recruitment, partnerships, study abroad, research, alumni, industry, careers service, communication and public relations.

Concretely, you need support in your relations with France and Europe to:

  • assess your internationalisation
  • redefine your strategy
  • train your team
  • implementing a policy targeting specific countries
  • represent your University at events or education fairs
  • establish new partnerships
  • develop Erasmus + projects
  • assist your students
  • organise a joint conference
  • develop internationalisation at home
  • organise a learning expedition
  • organise a summer school
  • offer your executive programs
  • create collaboration with companies
  • find internships and jobs
  • engage your alumni network
  • open a new campus or office
  • find new clients
  • organise a business trip
  • develop your innovation strategy in a benchmark approach

Linden & Swift accompanies you, with the right person, at the right place, at the right time.

The Covid-19 crisis and its consequences on staff and student mobilities invite us to redefine our international strategies and its operational actions. Linden & Swift is your partner.

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